We conducted training programs in Advanced Manufacturing to enterprises, senior engineering level, junior engineering level, CEO, Factory Managers in field of Green Manufacturing & Sustainability as below:


Cleanability: Burr Minimization, Particle Expert System in Metal Machining, Optimization Chip Morphology, Debris of Casting & High Pressure Water Jet

Production Optimization: Lean Manufacturing, DMAIC, Root-Cause-Analysis, Continuous Improvement

- Additive Manufacturing / 3D printing: Material extrusion, Binder jetting, Material jetting, Vat photopolymerization, Directed energy deposition, Powder bed fusion, Sheet lamination

- Nano / Micro Manufacturing: Photolithography, Electron-beam Lithography, X-ray Lithography, Ion Beam Lithography, Micro-Nano Imprinting Lithography, Roll to Roll E-Printing

- High End Metal Furniture : CVD, PVD, ICD, Polishing Set-up, Color Finishing set-up

- Advanced Manufacturing: Advanced Metal Cutting, CAD/CAM/CNC, Mould & Die Making, Intelligent Micro System, ANN

The training programges were built based on factory foundation, to be specialized in specific set-up facilities. Candiates who join the programe, will get benefit of pratical training, which can integrate immediately into your production system

Any customers who need to do Renovation Production or New Product Development for their business or production systems. Welcome to discuss directly with us, at viet.metalhardware@gmail.com   or phone: +84903060459