At Vietnam Metal Hardware Co., Ltd, all of our products were tested regularly, and kept quality commitment. These results make our metal products to be well fit to Furniture, Ulphostery, Indoor, Outdoor, ... in Hospitality, Luxury Fashion, Metal Hardware,..

We perform the tests at reliable testing center: TUV in material chemical composition, life time of products, with 04 key important tests:

- ISO 9001-2017 (Salt Spray Test 5% NaCl)

- ASTM D3359-17 (Adhesion Test)

- CPSC test method: Total Lead Pb in Paint & Surface Coating, in Children's Metal Products

Beside of that, we also perform the internal quality test which passed

BS EN 12720:1997 Assessment of surface resistance to cold liquids: detergent and glass cleaning liquids. We use glove to clean the surface of metal color finishing, to test the resistance of surface.