- Development 2 layers coating by PVD Chrome, and PVD Blackened Titanium on SUS 316. Extremely high corrosion resistance, used in Military 

- Development ICD Blackened on Stainless Steel 304, to pass extremely high corrosion test level: 16% NaCl, 48 hours, then pass tumbling test. Metal Products used under salty sea

- Development Harden Black Anodizing (Black Matte) on Aluminium 6061T6, to pass extremely high corrosion test level: 16% NaCl, 48 hours, then pass tumbling test. Metal Products used under salty sea

- Development Electropolishing after Sandblasting on Stainless Steel 304, to pass extremely high corrosion test level: 16% NaCl, 48 hours, then pass tumbling test. Metal Products used under salty sea

Integrate Artificial Neuron Network into Particle Expert System to improve Cleanability, a part of Industry 4.0, for fully recognization, classification, diagnosis the risk to failure of system.

Development Automotive Compression Stainless Steel Spring and UAV Aerospace Parts Manufacturing by Additive Manufacturing Technology 

Manage innovation technology projects from 20 automotive facilities to form strategic technical projects, using suitable task force.

Integrate cloud based management of technology and integrate ERP into Machining workshops to prepare for intelligent Artificial Network

Develop optimization project to reduce/prevent defects from pinhole, scratch, mark, detach the top layer due to non-unique of basic painting and carbon layer. Total reject rate was reduced from 48% down to 28% within the first phase of optimization project. 

Develop industry 4.0 project step-by-step to control productivity, digitalize parameters, ERP integration, fully automation together IoT (internet of things) and cloud management with eLOG & Siemen at Mould workshop (9 CNC machines), CNC part machining workshop (20 CNC machines) and Semi-Auto robot welding (69 robots)

Perform Lean Manufacturing to optimize productivity within CNC workshop, which produces metal precision parts for bus, truck (different size), jig for frame/parts welding lines, jig for new Mazda automotive factory, and custom-made parts. Result: Reduce reject rate from 40% down to 2% and avoid high cost for re-work; Wrong dimension defects were reduced from 16.8% down to 0.3%; Poor raw material defects were reduced from 2.6% down to almost zero percent. Standardize 36 “conflict” drawings. Successfully integrate suitable process control (before almost no process control) in tolerance, target working time, set-up higher quality standard.

Perform Lean Manufacturing project for Zinc Plating Workshop to prevent rust just after Zinc Plating to pass 96h salt spray test. Optimum points were found at 510 Ampere to 550 Ampere.

Forming optimization plan to reduce defects, improve quality, increase productivity at Punching, Forging, Cutting, Mould making, Jig manufacturing - as the basic step to improve productivity at semi-auto robot welding lines for auto parts and frames.

Manage improvement projects in quality and productivity at CNC Precision Machining, Surface Finishing,... to minimize defects, then improve quality, based on standardize the production procedures and process. Reduce the risk of defect in helicopters and Flycam at the Blade factility. Develop the new design of JET and optimize the cost. Results: Profit From Loss to profit USD 60,000/month; ETA: from late 04 weeks to 04 days ahead schedule. Cycle time (time of using CNC machines) increased from 1250 hours/week to 1842 hours/week (47% improve). Reject rate: reduced from 70% down to 1.1% (98% improve). Wrong dimension reject rate: reduced from 42.9% down to 0.18% (99% improve)

Develop projects to manufacture precise US Aluminium alloy weapon base; precise mechanical Aluminium parts for FlyCam, UAV, and other parts for Aeronautics: Boeing and Airbus; parts for Automotive and Motorcycle.  Develop the new plating lines to improve 03 times output

Perform Lean Manufacturing projects for Composite Facility for UAV and Flycam devices, to increase productivity and improve quality. Manage innovation the facilities to produce carbon fiber, making blade, and jet, including development the new design of jet

- Manage continuous improvement projects in metal springs and hardwares manufacturing facility to improve productivity and quality at raw material incoming control, testing, heat treatment, coiling / wire forming, grinding, polishing, deburring, QC, QA and Packaging by standardizing control procedure SOP.

Develop, integrate and maintain ISO 9001-2009, TS 16949 and AS 9100. Precise Springs satisfy all of request from SMI - American standard at "Zero tolerance to zero defect". The springs passed European standard DIN for Aerospace, Automotive, and High Tech Manufacturing.  Develop a new facility to produce plastic parts to European market

- Manage Lean Manufacturing projects to develop Loss-making factilities. Results: 03 times production improvement; from Loss to profit at EUR 83,998. Rate of Profit/Revenue: 22%; ETA: from 30 days reduced to 04 days

Develop toolings making at Vietnam and China to support for renewable activities. Develop the new type of springs & parts, based on custom-made orders and special spring washer Belleville projects

Development of the technologies to improve cleanability in automotive production: engines, transmissions, crankshafts  

Build guildelines in design for cleanability & sustainability in green manufacturing

Development design for intersection holes to minimize burr

Development high pressure water jet deburring to minimize damage on aluminium alloy surface 

Root cause analysis and PCI for fully automation production line in engines, transmission and crankshaft 

CI for particles issue related to chip lodged in oil line and valve

Optimize machining toolpath strategy to minimize burr size in CNC machining center 

Development image processing for feature extraction for micro size of particles in transmission production. Build particle classification algorithm and particle expert system to figure sources of particles: burr, cast, chip to predict the defects during production and further new investment.  Results: Defects on transmission: reduced 98% monthly, regarding to cleanability issue; Metal particle size: reduced 81%; Weight of metal particles: reduced 70%

Development manufacturing technology to produce micro UAV to mimic beetle flying and very small size parts by metal and plastic