R&D Rust on Stainless Steel 304 at Cam Ranh International Airport

Posted date: 29/12/2022 by VIETNAM METAL HARDWARE CO., LTD

Salty water vaporised nearby the salty beach, may damage seriously into the metal items. A lot metal, made by Stainless Steel 304, become rusty, corrosion, oxidization, even broken at important positions as Joints, Screw, Hinge, Sliding, Handle, Knob, mechanism,... In some construction system, all metal frames were installed with concrete, and very hard to take metal parts out and back to factory to repair or recoating. 4 years R&D and we developed the ICD - Ionizing Chemical Depositioning - with can help to pass 16% NaCl, 48 hours, and 5% NaCl, 400 hours with different coloring on SUS 304. In case customers would love to keep the original color of stainless steel, ICD also can help to fix at site. Need to do maintenance service to protect surface out of high corrosion level from the salty beach vapor. Here is the case of Cam Ranh International Airport, Vietnam. There are a lot resort, hotel nearby Cam Ranh, are in same problem. We open for discussion and provide suitable service, at site, to help customers to protect their metal morphology.



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